Internet and WiFi Special solutions

for various events
and projects

Discover our diverse Internet and WiFi solutions for a wide range of events. Whether festivals, campsites, trade fairs, film sets, construction sites, conventions, pop-up stores or exhibitions - we offer powerful WiFi networks, remote support and fast, robust Internet connections. Get a free consultation now and discover the possibilities!

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WiFi at festivals

We set up high-performance WiFi networks for festivals. As infrastructure for e.g. digital ticket systems and cashless payment or as WiFi for employees and guests.

WiFi for campsites and vacation parks

With our special WiFi for campsites you can offer this service to your guests for free or for a fee and even collect positive Google reviews.

WiFi for event locations

We install WiFi networks in event locations, which serve both as houseWiFi and can be rented out to customers on a project basis. With admin service and online management portal.

WiFi for fairs

We network your trade fair. To do this, we create budget-friendly solutions for you - from complete coverage to mobile Internet cases at individual booths.

WiFi in clinics and hospitals

Expand your clinic infrastructure with our powerful WiFi: Perfect for patients and internal use, with separate networks and regular maintenance.

WiFi in the gym

We digitize your gym with powerful WiFi: for guests, efficient internal use and remote network maintenance.

WiFi on film sets

Robust and quickly deployable Internet directly on the film set. Our flexible solutions enable secure access for all devices, regardless of location - ideal for mobile film productions across Europe.

WiFi for meetings and conferences

Turn your conference or meeting into a digital experience with Eventnet! We deliver fast, reliable Internet and WiFi, perfect for livestreaming, digital interaction and business applications, regardless of location and number of participants.

WiFi on construction sites

Your construction site optimally networked. Fast, robust Internet supports team communications, cloud software and security systems such as facial recognition, regardless of location and can be set up quickly.

WiFi for pop-up stores and markets

Perfect for temporary projects such as pop-up stores and markets: our flexible internet solutions can be set up and taken down in minutes. Without any prior technical knowledge. Digital marketing tools can also be integrated as an option.

WiFi for exhibitions

We make your exhibitions digital: on-site, hybrid or as an online event. Our WiFi solutions are the foundation for digital exhibition formats, gamification, back office supply or simply guestWiFi.

WiFi for hotels and congress centers

We bring your conference and hotel guests securely online: Isolation of users, separation of public and internal networks, legal protection, remote maintenance and temporary extensions.

Site networking

With our site networking, geographic distance is digitally eliminated. It's as if all your devices, regardless of location, were in a single room.

Illustration with SAT, LTE and DSL connection, which are bundled.

Internet bundling for companies

Our Internet bonding provides reliable high-speed connections for businesses and event venues. Resilience and maximization for your internet connection.