Temporary Internet and WiFi for meetings and conferences

We live and work digitally. In the MICE industry, reliable Internet access has long been of utmost importance. That's why Eventnet provides you with industry-standard Internet and WiFi for your MICE event - whether online or hybrid.

We digitize your event with everything that goes with it:

  • Livestreaming
  • Failsafe Internet
  • WiFi for your guests
  • With supervision or 24/7 support
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💡 MICE - this generic term is used in the event industry to describe all types of events that are located in the business sector, such as business meetings, marketing activities or networking. For digital events or live streaming events in this area, the term e-MICE has become established.

Guests at an event or in a hotel use sitting and standing the WiFi

MICE events are also becoming more digital

For e-MICE events, stable and secure Internet access is not only important, but a prerequisite. Because for online or hybrid events, a fail-safe Internet is the foundation.

Good Internet coverage should also be organized for attendance events for internal needs and visitors. Digital services of various kinds can be offered, such as event apps, cashless payment, livestreaming and much more.

WiFi at industry level

Our Eventnet solutions for your MICE event

Nowadays, Internet and WiFi are simply a part of meetings and conferences. High requirements apply to business events in particular: A stable connection with a high number of users must be uninterruptible and fail-safe so that all services function properly.

We at Eventnet therefore provide you with individual solutions tailored to the requirements of your MICE event. We plan your event internet entirely according to your requirements, take care of the set-up and dismantling and, if necessary, provide support personally or with our remote service during the entire event period.

Multi-connection via bonding

Choose your internet connection with Eventnet

Eventnet brings your MICE event online with the right connection. We use various connection types such as satellite/Starlink, microwave or multi-LTE. Furthermore, we also provide you with fixed network connections via VDSL, cable or fiber optics.

Depending on your requirements, needs and number of users, you can freely choose from our offer. A combination of several connections is also possible and additionally stabilizes your Internet connection.

Our shipping systems

Are you planning a small e-MICE event with up to 500 users? Or do you need a fast Internet and WiFi solution? Then our dispatch systems come into play:

Choose from the following solutions according to your needs:

  • The "Hotspot in a Box" is the most compact solution in the size of a briefcase. Ideal for a quick setup and as a backup on an existing line.
  • The "Multi-LTE Case" provides fail-safe Internet through multiple Internet signals bundled into one output signal.
  • The "SAT-Case" provides location-independent Internet directly via satellite. So you can be online completely independent of network coverage.

All three variants can be easily installed by the customer in a maximum of 10 minutes. They are also a more cost-effective option for fast and robust Internet and WiFi solutions.

Illustration of a camera with spotlights on a stage.

The Eventnet livestreaming offer

For some years now, online events have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Therefore, we have exactly the right offer and bring your e-MICE event via livestream on the Internet.

Whether online or hybrid events: We take care of the entire production - including lighting, camera technology and live direction. Because the three most important pillars for your online event are image quality, sound quality and a stable streaming offer.

You can rent your streaming server from us. Choose the capacity you need conveniently in daily packages and broadcast in optimal quality to up to 30,000 subscribers.

More about our livestreaming offer

The mobile event Starlink system

The all-round carefree package with Eventnet

It is our concern not only to offer you a diverse internet service, but also to be there for our customers in an all-embracing way. Therefore, we accompany you from the free initial consultation to the dismantling of your Eventnet Internet solution.

We advise you which internet connection is the best for your MICE event. We take care of shipping, offer express shipping, take care of setup and dismantling and are available to you with our technicians remotely or on site.

We do not see ourselves as a pure technical service provider, but would like to understand you and the background of your MICE event and offer you the appropriate concept.

Together we bring your MICE event online.

Frequently asked questions & answers

What does MICE actually stand for?

  • M for meetings: For example, project meetings, staff meetings, etc.
  • I for Incentives: Teambuilding Events or Employee Awards
  • C for Conventions: professional conferences and meetings
  • E for Exhibitions: Exhibitions or trade fairs

What area can be illuminated?

With the integrated WiFi of the dispatch systems, a radius of approx. 30 m can be covered. An extension with up to five access points is possible.

For larger projects we recommend an individual system, which is set up by Eventnet and, if required, also supervised during the event.

What kind of lead time is needed?

Depending on material availability, it is possible that the systems will be delivered within 24 hours. However, it is recommended to allow for a lead time of one week. The delivery is carried out by a courier service, which carries out a deadline delivery.

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