WiFi & digital services for events.

For rent and permanent installation.


WiFi for events

The right WiFi solution for your event. Whether small or large, indoor or outdoor, in urban space or open air. If required, we also take care of set-up and dismantling as well as on-site support.

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Internet Connection

The Internet connection determines the quality of the WiFi experience. Whether satellite, LTE, directional radio or fiber optics - we provide the appropriate connection so that your event is reliably online - and remains.

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Digital Services

Use your event WiFi as digital advertising space for brands and products, reach your guests directly with e-mail campaigns and win new social media followers. Discover the potential of WiFi marketing.

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Setup Solutions

For certain scenarios we have designed ready-to-go setups. Our SAT system can be operated on cars or trailers. The Hotspot-In-A-Box can be ordered as an inexpensive micro-solution.

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