Site networking made easy

for events and other projects

In today's digital world, networking sites is essential. Eventnet makes this process easier than ever before. With our innovative solution, you can connect different locations in no time.

  • Plug & Play: Instant Internet connection.
  • Quick setup: Ready to go in under 5 minutes.
  • Automatic networking with secure connection.
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Illustration of two buildings connected by internet.

What is site networking?

Site networking enables multiple sites in geographically diverse locations to be connected via a private data tunnel.

This creates secure and efficient communication between sites so that data can be exchanged in real time.

Connection of a landscape marker with a destination flag

This is how simple site networking works

We have greatly simplified the process of site networking. Instead of dealing with complicated technical details, we provide you with a hard case already equipped with a ready-to-use Internet connection.

This case automatically connects to LTE or 5G and provides all the necessary connections. This means that you can establish a secure connection between different locations within minutes.

Illustration of a laptop and a printer connected via the Internet.

What are the practical application scenarios?

Imagine sitting in an office in Berlin with your laptop and seamlessly sending a document to a printer in Munich. Or a ticket scanner at a festival in Hamburg accessing a server in Frankfurt am Main in real time. With our site networking, distance becomes a mere thought. It's as if all your devices, regardless of location, were in a single room - perfectly synchronized and ready for any project where instant communication and data access are essential.

Illustration of a finger pressing a button

Here's how the site networking setup works

  1. Order from Eventnet: Contact us and tell us your requirements.
  2. Delivery: We will send you our specially designed hard cases by courier.
  3. Setup: Attach the antennas and connect the case to the power. That's it!
  4. Automatic connection: Once all cases are powered on, they automatically connect to each other via the private tunnel.

Mobile networked with our site networking systems

For your different locations, we offer a reliable temporary internet connection. Before a permanent network connection is in place, our specialized cases are your best choice for stable site networking.

We deliver our site networking systems quickly and easily by courier. If you have any questions or during use, we are available to you both by telephone and via remote support.

Depending on your requirements, decide for:

WiFi for any weather

Stable and weather resistant

Our solutions are housed in rugged, weatherproof enclosures. They are suitable for almost any location and are easy to transport.

WiFi at industry level

Uncomplicated handling

Commissioning our systems is intuitive and requires no special technical knowledge. Simply position, activate and connect your end devices.

Easy handling

Fast deployment without hurdles

Setting up our systems is straightforward and requires no prior knowledge. In case of ambiguities or challenges, we are always at your side.

The mobile event Starlink system

All-round service for your project

Our site networking is ready for operation in less than 10 minutes per site, without the need for any prior technical knowledge. However, should any questions arise, we are there for you:

  • Our experts will support you at any time, even around the clock, if necessary.
  • In case of technical hurdles, we offer remote support for a smooth setup.
  • We provide our systems at least one day before the planned deployment so that you can test at your leisure.
  • For more extensive networking projects, we have a special installation service.
  • With our monitoring app, you always keep track of connection status and quality.

Frequently asked questions & answers

How secure is the connection between the sites?

Our site networking uses a private data tunnel that cannot be accessed from the outside. The devices connect via a secret key so that only authorized devices can dial into the network.

What happens if the LTE or 5G connection fails?

The Case can also be connected via an additional Internet line (landline or satellite) to ensure that the connection is maintained at all times.

How many sites can I connect together?

There is technically no limit to the number of sites you can connect. However, projects with more than 50 sites require longer pre-planning.

Do I need technical expertise to set up the cases?

No, our solution is designed to be set up by anyone without technical expertise.

How long does the setup take?

Setup typically takes less than 10 minutes per site.

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