Hotspot rent in outdoor case
the ultra mobile solution

The hotspot in a box

Fast Internet even in places without infrastructure.
Simply unfold the case, connect the antennas and surf.

  • Everything included - in a practical case
  • With unlimited data volume via LTE or 5G
  • Can be used outside in all weather conditions
  • up to 150 Mbit/s Down & up to 20 Mbit/s Up
Rent hotspot now
Simple structure

Rent hotspot - easy to set up

The "Hotbox in a box" can be set up in just a few steps. All you need to do is place the receiver antenna on a window pane (or outside) using a suction cup and connect the system to the power supply. There is no further installation effort.

If you need assistance, our service team will help you.

  • No data limit
  • Set up in under 5 minutes
  • Support from our service team


Illustration of a suitcase with integrated WiFi technology

Ultramobile applicable

The "Hotspot in a box" is completely built into a hard-shell case and can be easily transported. Due to the additional 12V or rechargeable battery operation, the installation on vehicles or boats is also possible, so that a variety of application possibilities arise.

The "Hotspot in a box" is also protected against splashing water and can therefore also be operated outdoors.

  • As big as a briefcase
  • Outdoor ready for any weather
  • Optional operation via 12V or rechargeable battery
WiFi at industry level

WiFi at industry level including

The included access point (WiFi transmitter) can provide up to 50 parallel users with a stable WiFi connection. The long connection cable also allows the access point to be positioned exactly where the WiFi is needed.

This is ideal for providing professionalWiFi even in remote locations or at small events.

  • Serves up to 50 parallel users
  • The only prerequisite is LTE / 5G coverage

💡 You need a solution for a higher number of users or with redundant connection? Then we recommend our our "Multi LTE Case".

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