Digital marketing for events

For more interaction with your brand

Use digitization for your marketing. We put your brand on users' displays and help you stay in touch with your target group for the long term.

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Marketing with impact

Simple principle - great effect

You offer added value to guests at an event. For example, free WiFi, a voucher or a giveaway. To do this, they have to register with their smartphone.

Your advantage:
Your brand appears on the users' displays and you receive DSGVO-compliant contact data that you can use for automated mailings or campaigns.


And all this fully automatically.

Login page

Login page as digital advertising space

While guests register, they look at your display - and for a moment you have their full attention. With WiFi marketing, you can advertise targeted offers, solicit feedback, or place other content on users' displays. Your brand is the center of attention during the entire login process.

  • In branding your brand
  • Own content in image and text
  • Any landing page after login

Just test the login yourself:

To the login page

Get contact details from guests

Attention for your offer

They offer a free service.

For example, guestWiFi, vouchers or giveaways.

Guests register via WiFi or QR code

Guests register for this via e-mail or SMS.

For example, via the WiFi login, QR code or NFC.

Your brand on the smartphones of the guest

We automatically play out your advertising content.

For example, as automated mailings, so Facebook post or their campaigns.

Use cases of our customers

Ingrid Saebelfeld

Ingrid Stotz

(Manager conference hotel)

We use the marketing of Eventnet to get more ratings on Google. Because the users get the rating link automatically by mail, this runs for us without any effort on the side.

Joerg Stelzer - Marketing Manager

Joerg Stelzer

(Project Manager)

We often do pop-up marketing campaigns and integrate the system into our campaigns every now and then. It's convenient for us that things like registration and saving contacts happen automatically. My job is content, not technology ;)

Natascha Sorge - Event Manager

Natasha Sorge

(Event Manager)

We mainly use the WiFi registration to protect ourselves legally. But occasionally we need to provide additional info for events. For example, a link for an event app or to PDFs. Conveniently, we can simply provide that as well.

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