Network solutions as fixed installations

for event locations, Business premises and public buildings

Our offer includes hardware procurement, setup and support for your network. Enjoy the convenience of our all-inclusive solution and leave the technical details to us. Eventnet stands for network solutions that make your everyday life easier. Since 2013.

  • Planning based on your project
  • Transparent support at a fixed price
  • An open ear for your ideas - permanently
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Event visitors with WiFi

The right network for your project

Every project starts with a vision - your idea! That's why we see ourselves as a partner who accompanies you from planning to implementation and beyond. We are at your side with expertise and commitment in every phase of your project. That is our promise to you.

Tell us about your project

Illustration of a calendar with an icon for synchronization

Regular and unobtrusive network maintenance

Regular maintenance and optimization of your network are the basis for keeping all digital services stable and efficient. We take over the continuous maintenance and safeguarding of IT security. This ensures that your network is always up to date and you can rely on your digital services to run smoothly.

  • Remote maintenance and regular updates
  • No additional effort in day-to-day business
  • Adjustments and changes at any time
Illustration of a secure internet connection in the form of a shield

Legal protection and network protection

Digital vandalism is a threat to networks and especially to WiFi networks. Attacks and misuse through illegal activities must be prevented. We rely on comprehensive protective measures for your network.

Among other things:

  • Separate networks for different user groups
  • Regular updates for all devices, controllers and firewall
  • Hardening of the network to protect against vandalism (hacking and manipulation)
  • Legal protection for illegal downloads
Illustration of a support employee at a laptop.

Reliable support and contact person

In a world where technology is becoming increasingly complex, it is a real blessing to have a telephone number where you can get immediate, competent and understandable help if you have a problem. At Eventnet, we attach great importance to ensuring that our customers always receive the best support, even without technical expertise.

  • Fast and competent support: If you have any problems or questions, we will provide you with straightforward assistance.
  • Direct telephone contact: We are available for you by telephone. Around the clock if required.
  • No technical jargon, no prior IT knowledge required: our support is designed to help customers without an IT background understandably and effectively.

Special solutions

The three core elements of a functioning network

1. selection of the Internet provider

A fast and stable internet connection is at the heart of every WiFi network. We help you to choose the best provider that is tailored to your individual requirements - paying particular attention to:

  • The real speed at your location
  • Annual average reliability
  • Support quality

2. strategic planning and hardware placement

An efficient network requires well thought-out hardware placement. We analyze your premises to ensure the ideal positioning of network switches and WiFi access points. This careful planning guarantees seamless coverage, flexibility for the future, cost savings and minimizes the need for future upgrades.

3. regular network maintenance

Every technical system requires continuous maintenance. With our "Remote Network Service", we take over the ongoing maintenance of your network. This includes monitoring, updates, quick troubleshooting and the replacement of components as required. You also get access to our online administration for minor adjustments and a direct telephone number for rapid assistance. This takes the pressure off you on a day-to-day basis, saves you the cost of having your own admin office and offers convenience through our online platform.

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