Internet and WiFi rent
for your events

Particularly high demands are placed on Internet and WiFi coverage at events. Even with a high number of users and under harsh conditions, the signal must be available without interruption so that all connected services function without interruption.


With us you can rent Internet and WiFi for events of any size. Including set-up and on-site support.


WiFi rent for your event

Whether guestWiFi for 20,000 visitors or production network for wireless devices such as payment terminals or hand scanners.
We network the area you require with a robust WiFi signal at industry level.

Illustration of a floor plan with WiFi access points drawn in.

Individual planning

We discuss the challenges of your project with you to find the best solution.

Event visitors with WiFi

Any number of users

No matter how many users you expect - we plan the eventWiFi to suit your needs. Including Internet connection, of course.

WiFi for any weather

Any weather, any place

Our event-WiFi also works outdoors, in vehicles and at places without infrastructure, e.g. at festivals.

Internet connection

Whether on a "greenfield" site without any infrastructure or in an urban area - we bring your event or your house online with the right connection. Here you can see some examples of common connection types.

  • We also provide fixed-network connections via VDSL, cable or fiber optics.
  • It is possible to bundle several connections.
  • All connections include unlimited data flat rate

    Satellite / Starlink

    Location-independent connection via satellite with up to 150 Mbit/s download and 20 Mbit/s upload - Europe-wide.

    More info

    Radio relay

    Microwave links are wireless radio links that enable bandwidths of up to 10,000 Mbit/s in upload and download.

    More info

    Multi LTE + 5G

    Bundling multiple LTE and 5G signals enables a bandwidth of up to 500 Mbit/s for download and 150 Mbit/s for upload.

    More info

    Illustration of a suitcase with integrated WiFi technology

    Quickly hire WiFi :
    our shipping systems

    You simply want to rent a fast internet solution for a livestream, a payment terminal or for WiFi with up to 500 users?

    We have something for you:

    Our shipping systems

    They can be self-installed in less than five minutes and are a cost-effective Internet solution for situations where you simply need working Internet.

    To the shipping systems


    Special solutions

    Complete service for Internet and WiFi in the business sector

    We advise you free of charge

    We create an individual concept for an infrastructure that fits your event.
    A personal discussion is the best way to clarify the requirements for your project.



    Frequently asked questions about WiFi rent

    What are the costs of renting WiFi for an event?

    The costs for a WiFi supply at events are made up of three cost factors. The costs vary depending on the structural conditions, project requirements and personnel requirements.

    1. Internet supply
      Depending on the number of participants, an appropriate internet connection is required. If this is not available on site, the internet can be provided by Eventnet.
    2. WiFi-supply
      The WiFi brings the Internet signal wirelessly to end devices such as smartphones, laptops or point-of-sale terminals. The number of WiFi transmitters (access points) depends on the size of the area and the number of devices.
    3. Personnel / Shipping
      Depending on the project, there are costs for shipping or personnel who take over the assembly and disassembly and an on-site support.

    For orientation, here is an example for a rental of two days:

    • Up to 50 connected devices: as a shipping solution / lower three-digit range
    • Up to 500 connected devices: as a shipping solution / mid three-digit range
    • From 1000 connected devices: as a project with personnel / in the four-digit range

    For an exact calculation, please contact us or arrange a consultation appointment directly.

    What kind of WiFi connections does Eventnet offer?

    Our offer is divided into:

    Shipping solutions

    For up to 500 connected devices, shipping solutions are usually the right choice. These are delivered by courier and can be commissioned by yourself.

    Project solutions

    From 500 connected devices, we recommend a setup by our team, as the network here often reaches a complexity that requires expertise. If required, on-site support is also possible.

    What are the minimum requirements for renting WiFi at an event?

    The minimum requirement is a 230 V power connection. However, if necessary, we can provide it ourselves.

    Thus, there are almost no prerequisites. Even in places without infrastructure, we can very likely offer you a suitable Internet and WiFi supply. Even temporary Internet & WiFi for construction sites is possible.

    How long does it take to install WiFi for an event?

    Our shipping solutions, which we recommend for projects with up to 500 connected devices, the setup time (depending on the size of the system) is between 10 - 60 minutes.

    For larger systems set up by our team, we usually allow half a day to a day for set up.

    How can I ensure that WiFi works trouble-free at my event?

    Careful planning is the foundation of a reliable Internet supply. Depending on the event, we take various points into account:

    • Sufficiently stable Internet connection / 2 or 3-fold secured if necessary
    • correct size of individual radio cells, depending on the number of devices
    • Division of devices into different networks with different priorities
    • Prioritization of certain data types (e.g. livestreams or payment terminals)
    • Active management to bypass interfering extraneous frequencies

    These are just a few of the points that go into planning an interference-free WLAN. Based on our experience with WiFi installations since 2013, we plan the WiFi so that the challenges of eventWiFi and their requirements are taken into account in the concept.

    What happens if WiFi is down at my event?

    Remote support

    Basically, our technicians can connect to any of our systems remotely to make adjustments to the configuration.

    Reachability - also 24/7

    In the event of a malfunction, you can reach our team by phone, by appointment, around the clock.

    On-site support

    Optionally, you can also book on-site support. One or more of our employees will then be available to you as a contact person.

    How can I rent WiFi for an event?

    📞 Call us or 📝 write to us

    We see ourselves not only as a technical service provider - but also as a consultant. In a joint discussion, we listen to what exactly you intend to do with your project and create a suitable technical concept from this "story".

    You will receive a detailed offer from us with a clear description of which modules we recommend and why.


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