WiFi for your event location

For guest access & digital services

  • Industrial WiFi for many simultaneous users
  • Extendable at any time – even temporarily
  • Remote administration
  • Online portal for own adaptations
  • With branding options for brands
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Tough WiFi in Ihrer Location

Today, a powerful WiFi belongs in every event location and is the basis for many digital services such as cashless payment, online tickets, digital signage and much more.

Depending on the concept, WiFi For example, a hackathon requires a different infrastructure than a congress or music event. Our systems are therefore easy to expand, so that you can easily react to new requirements.

Prepared for digital event services:

  • Guest WiFi
  • Digital payment
  • Online ticketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Frequency measurement
  • Digital signage and much more

Save costs with remote administration

All event WiFi systems are administered by us remotely. You do not need any expert knowledge or an in-house administrator.

  • Adaptation of changed requirements
  • Security updates
  • troubleshooting
  • Implementation of event-specific wishes

Online management in the browser

Make adjustments such as changing WiFi names or passwords yourself and check the status of your entire network in real time.

  • Adjust WiFi settings
  • Switch WiFi on or off in individual rooms
  • Live monitoring of the entire network
  • Works on all devices (Windows / Android / iPhone)

Customizable branding and marketing

Simply adapt the event WiFi in your location to the event. Whether WiFi name, login page for guests or marketing options. Your event WiFi will appear in the desired branding design.

  • Customizable login page for guest WiFi
  • Social-Media connection
  • E-Mail Login for connection to e-mail campaigns
  • Usage statistics

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