Interactive webinars

that are fun

  • Webinar with up to 1000 participants
  • Allround service: from the invitation to the successful event
  • Participant Interaction
  • No technical knowledge necessary
  • Optional: Participation fee for paid workshops
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No installation: Everything in the browser

Would you like to organize interactive webinars that are more than just a boring video conference? We have the perfect solution for you: online events that involve all participants interactively, leave them in control and are fun to attend. You do not need any technical knowledge.

Ideal for:

  • Workshops
  • Training courses
  • Product demonstrations
  • Moderated meetings

Interaction for vivid online events

One challenge of online workshops is to attract the attention of participants despite the physical distance. Therefore, involve participants actively in the action, exchange ideas and work together. The following tools are available for this.

  • PowerPoint-Präsentationen
  • Virtuelles Whiteboard
  • Bildschirmfreigabe
  • Umfragen und Abstimmungen
  • Multiple Choice Tests
  • Abspielen von YouTube-Videos
  • Moderierter und privater Chat

Respond flexibly to the event

Different modes allow you to adapt your webinar room to the specific situation. For example, you can open discussion rounds, allow individual participants to speak, or talk privately with other moderators during a break. This way you can hold and moderate events together without being in the same place.

  • Presentation mode: Only the moderators can speak
  • Question and Answer mode: Moderators can give the floor to participants
  • Discussion round: Participants can talk to each other (up to 25)
  • Private mode: Moderators can talk to each other internally

Evaluate your meetings and receive feedback

With a subsequent analysis of your webinar, you will receive meaningful analyses and valuable feedback from your participants. For example, you can find out when participants have dropped out and can thus adapt your content. Of course, you can also record your webinar and make it available to your participants or evaluate it internally.

  • Participant statistics
  • recording
  • feedback rounds
  • Performance review

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