WiFi for Events

WiFi at events has to satisfy high requirements. Even with a high number of users, the WiFi must still be available with proper quality. We supply robust industrial hardware that can be used indoors and outdoors and that is expandable to almost any limit.

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Any number of users

No matter how many users you expect, our team designs the WiFi to fit your needs.

Can be used anywhere

Our WiFI also works outdoors, in vehicles and in places without infrastructure.

Everything from a single source

Depending on your needs, we can of course also take care of set-up and dismantling as well as on-site support.

Internet Connection

We offer temporary internet connections for various requirements. Whether open air beyond any infrastructure or in urban space with a focus on high bandwidths – we will find the right solution for your project.

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SAT Internet

Location-independent connection with up to 26 Mbit/s for download and 6 Mbit/s for upload – Europe-wide.

Directional Radio

Direct radio connection with high bandwidth of up to 1 Gbit/s in upload and download.

Highspeed Multi LTE

Via our Multi-LTE Connection, we bundle several LTE signals redundantly up to 200 Mbps – Europe-wide.

WiFi Marketing

Event WiFi is not only a modern service. At the same time it is an ideal marketing tool for your events. Use your WiFi as a digital advertising tool and reach your guests directly via e-mail campaigns.

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Email Campaigns

Via social login, your guests leave their e-mail address when logging in and give permission to receive advertising offers. This allows you to activate e-mail campaigns and directly contact the users who were at your event. For example, you can invite guests to the next event, offer vouchers or obtain feedback.

Digital Flyer

When users log into the WLAN, they look at their display – and for a moment you got their full attention. Use this circumstance to advertise your offers specifically with a digital flyer or place clickable advertisements from advertising partners.

Social Media

Use the social media for your event. With the appropriate concepts, great content for your social media presence will be created by your guests and you will win new followers for your preferred channel.

Instant Feedback from Guests

Feedback from guests is worth its weight in gold. But unfortunately, hardly anyone takes the trouble to leave a comment with criticism or even their praise. We make it easy for your guests to give feedback on the event. This way you get more insight into the needs of your guests.

Setup Solutions

No expert knowledge is required to operate our setup solutions. They can therefore be hired optionally without personnel. You can pick up the system at our office or receive it by courier.

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Internet / WLAN for up to 50 users

Just turn it on and surf: The Hotspot-In-A-Box is our most compact solution, if you need fast and easy-to-handle Internet via WLAN for up to 50 users. Plug it in and get started.

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Multi LTE Case

Internet / WLAN for up to 500 users

The MULTI-LTE CASE bundles several LTE signals into a single output signal. They are therefore extremely reliable and use a multiple of the normal LTE bandwidth, independent of network fluctuations or failures – Europe-wide.

Product Sheet (PDF)

Automatic SAT System

Europe-wide independent online

Our SAT Car module is a compact outdoor solution with its own Internet signal via satellite system. If required, the entire system can be installed on your own vehicle or trailer. Ideal for road shows. The system works Europe-wide.

Product Sheet (PDF)