Webcast Livestream -
your event on the Internet

  • Easy access for audience
  • interaction with audience
  • Combinable with screen contents
  • All-round service
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Your event on the Internet - almost like in the real world

We bring your stage situation via live stream and in your branding to the internet. Whether with one or more camera perspectives, the integration of screen contents (e.g. presentations) or green screen backgrounds. In order to adapt the event as close as possible to a real presence event, interaction with the participants is of course also possible. We will be happy to advise you personally on your project.

Integration of the most important platforms

By integrating the leading broadcast platforms YouTube, Facebook and Periscope, you can reach your participants easily. The access is possible for public as well as for a closed user group. Whether you want to stream to your Facebook page, your YouTube channel or to your own broadcast server (RTMP / RTSP) – our system takes care of the details.

As soon as you are live, you will see the size of the audience, all comments and reactions directly in the interface.

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Interaction with your participants

We know that interaction with and between participants is one of the most important parts of an event. That’s why we also give you the opportunity to get in touch with your guests at online events. This can be done either via the classic comment function or via an additional event app on the user’s smartphone. This allows participants to take part in surveys, ask questions, exchange information and access relevant content. Further information about our Event-App can also be found here.

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Your live stream in your brand design

Texts and graphics such as your company logo, viewer comments and info banners (so-called “lower thirds”) can be inserted into your livestream. We prepare the content in the design of your brand so that you appear professionally in the online stream.

Optional also with own internet connection

If there is no or only a weak Internet connection at the place of transmission, we also provide our own independent connection. The system then only requires a power connection and can otherwise be used completely independently throughout Europe.

Our Web-Cast Studio

As an alternative to a broadcast at your venue, we also offer the production of a webcast broadcast in our Berlin studio. Our studio room, which is optimized for sound recordings, is suitable for lectures, presentations, small talks or performances by musicians. Thanks to a large green screen (approx. 3.5 x 3m) we can provide almost any atmosphere.

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