Event live streaming
as online or hybrid event

Bring your event to the Internet with live streaming. Whether as a pure online event or as a hybrid event that takes place both online and in the classic way. Our comprehensive solution offers you everything you need to stage and monetize a convincing online event. From the conception, to the streaming platform, to on-site production.

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Interactive webinars

Ideal for workshops, training, product demonstrations and moderated meetings. Maximum 1000 participants.

Hold exciting, moderated meetings & webinars with interactions, surveys, feedback rounds and much more. Monetize your webinar on demand, with an attendance fee and integrate your social media sites.

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Public livestream

Ideal for public live broadcasts on Facebook, YouTube or your own server. For unlimited viewers.

We bring your live event online for any number of viewers. If required, we also provide our own streaming server and produce the event on site, including lighting, camera technology and live direction.

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Internet for streaming

No matter where your event takes place. We provide sufficient internet supply for your online event.

Our mobile Internet solutions bring your live stream online anywhere. No matter whether by radio relay, SAT or redundant LTE connection. You are stable online independent of network fluctuations or failures. Ideal for professional live streams.
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Free guide (german language)

on the topic of online events / webcasts

  • the most important information for online events
  • free download
  • Technical requirements for picture, sound and stream
  • Adjustment of event concepts

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Webinar, public livestream or hybrid event - what are the differences?


This is an online event, which mostly serves to convey concrete information and works similar to a classic workshop.  The name “Webinar”, which is made up of the words “Web” and “seminar”, already reveals this. The participants register in advance because they are interested in the respective topic. This could be, for example, the communication of learning content or the presentation of a new product. In good webinars, interaction with the participants also takes place using surveys, votes or question rounds. The number of participants is generally limited so that it is possible to respond to individual questions.

Public livestreaming / webcast

Of course, all live online events are also livestreams. In everyday life, however, the name “livestream” has become established for public online events. Instead of the actually correct name “Webcast”. This form of event livestreaming is a classic stage situation in which information is only transmitted in one direction. Therefore, there is hardly any interaction between the actors on stage and the participants – like on television. However, since the Internet is an interactive medium, participants in webcasts usually expect a commentary function that is also moderated live. The number of participants is generally not limited for public livestreams. Public livestreams are often presented via platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. However, closed events are also possible, for example to enable virtual ticket sales.

Hybrid events

Hybrid events are, as the name suggests, an intermediate form. On the one hand, the event takes place as a classic face-to-face event and is streamed live online either in full or in part. In general, an attempt is made to give the online participants the same opportunities for interaction as the on-site audience. This is done, for example, by voting, asking questions or even by virtual applause. With hybrid events, a greater reach beyond the capacity of the event location can be achieved.  But even people who are far away or physically impaired have an alternative way to participate in the event. A nice example for hybrid events are the very popular Ted-Talks.

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