The Multi-LTE Case is now even more powerful and lighter in the third version.

New Multi-LTE Case: Even more powerful and flexible

We are now pleased to announce the launch of the new Multi-LTE Case in its third version. The new version offers a number of improvements that provide our customers with even more flexibility and reliability.

The Multi-LTE Case is one of our most popular products, used to bring events, film sets, construction sites and other projects online in a fail-safe manner in the shortest possible time. Signal bonding (called "Internet bonding") is perfect for a variety of applications, from livestreaming to use as a production network.

The rugged case in suitcase form bundles up to three LTE or 5G connections and can optionally be combined with a home line or our satellite Internet to provide a high-performance and fail-safe Internet connection. With our latest release, we now also offer a faster connection than ever before. The Multi-LTE Case now offers up to 200 Mbps download and up to 150 Mbps upload. It is weatherproof and all antennas, as well as WiFi transmitters or network cables, can be attached directly to the case.

In addition, it is even easier to put into operation. The assembly takes no more than 5 minutes.

New technology, new software and new Internet bonding process

The new Multi-LTE Case has been redesigned from the ground up to be even more powerful and flexible. It uses new hardware and software, as well as a new Internet bonding process, to provide a faster and more reliable connection. The case is now also significantly lighter and even more affordable than its predecessors.

With 5G and site networking as standard

Another new feature is that all multi-LTE cases now also use 5G by default (when available). This means that customers can take advantage of the latest technology to get a faster and more reliable connection. In addition, the Multi-LTE Case can now also be used for site networking to establish a fast data connection between different geographical locations.

Customer app and remote support

Another handy feature of the Multi LTE Case is the performance app, which allows customers to keep an eye on the connection at all times and adjust WiFi settings such as WiFi name or password. The Eventnet team can remotely access the case during operation to solve problems in case of support. In addition, the Eventnet team can be reached by phone - and even 24/7 by appointment.


Our new Multi-LTE Case is a powerful and versatile tool for fast and reliable Internet connectivity. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and offers a wide range of features, including the latest bonding technology, the 5G standard, site networking capability, a performance app and remote support.

Contact us to learn more about how our Multi-LTE Case can help your project as well.