What is special about Event WiFi?

The term “WLAN” stands for “Wireless LAN”. This type of data connection is available for private use at home, for public locations such as hotels or for events.  The technology makes a serious difference in all these scenarios.

The following requirements are important:

Variable WiFi at home WiFI at hotels Wifi at events
number of users approx. 5 – 10 approx. 50 – 300 almost no limit
area approx. 200 m² approx. 4.000 m² almost any size of areas
Class Consumer Business Industrie

This (kind of rough) overview clearly shows the differences between the individual application areas.

In addition, networks in the event sector must be much more robust, since any failure is usually much more critical than in the home or hotel sector. In a hotel you can still repair it tomorrow. In the event sector the event is over tomorrow. Redundancy and particularly fail-safe hardware is therefore a further requirement which is a special feature of event networks.

Planning the coverage is also particularly relevant in the event area. While it is usually possible to measure and install in the home or hotel area under real conditions, the set-up for events generally takes place without guests. However, since humans strongly influence the transmission characteristics of WiFi installations, this factor must be taken into account. WiFi in an empty event location behaves completely differently than when with guests filling the room.

In order to be able to supply many users with a manageable amount of hardware, the individual components must also be powerful and designed for extreme conditions (keywords: “rain, snow and cold”). Of course, in contrast to home and hotel, the technology in the event sector is also constantly transported. The equipment has to withstand this.

The requirements for event WiFi are the highest of all possible scenarios. The systems must be mobile, robust, powerful and reliable. A FritzBox is a wonderful solution for the own four walls. At an event, you won’t have a lot of fun with it. However, a well planned, reliable event WiFi with the right technology can be the base for modern events and all digital services.