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Can user data be exported for evaluation after the event?

Yes, we can provide you with statistics on user behaviour at your event in strict compliance with data protection regulations.

You will receive interesting information, for example in which area users register or how long they stay in an area. This tool can also be used to visualize audience concentrations at an event in heat maps.

Can the customer’s CI be integrated?

Yes, all components that are visible from the outside can be branded. In detail, this includes the design of the login page, an automatic redirection to any URL, the setup and branding of advertising material.

Why do I need event WiFi?

When you think of event WiFi, you proably first think of Internet access for guests. But this is only one of many advantages of a wireless data connection at an event. More and more services of the modern technical event infrastructure require a data connection.

Here are a few examples:

  • Online tickets / accreditation
  • Cashless payment (EC / VISA / Google-Pay / Apple-Pay)
  • Interactive elements (e.g. votes / surveys)
  • event apps
  • Internet of Things Devices
  • video streaming
  • security systems
  • back office
  • communication
  • info screens
  • Control signals for event technology

A robust and stable data network is the basis for the smooth digital services that are required for the operation of production and are also expected by guests and VIPs.

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