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Paperless event information

With an event app you can finally offer all relevant information in paperless form. This saves time and money and all content is constantly adaptable, even during the event. But this is only one of many advantages that an event app can offer to make your event more exciting and easier for participants, sponsors, sellers and organizers.

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Promoting networking among the participants

Help participants connect with each other by offering both private and public messenger features. With Participant and Speaker Directories, you can also introduce and connect participants to each other in a fun way.

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Last minute agenda updates

You never have to worry about designing and printing agendas again. Changes can easily be made in real time and communicated to participants.

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Provide content on and after the event

Integrating a document library into your event app is a great way to reduce paper and costs. In addition, participants can easily access documents even after the event.

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Answers to frequently asked questions at the digital information stand

Reduce repeated questions from participants by setting up a virtual information stand in the Event App. You can include general event information and FAQs.

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Live polls and surveys

An event app makes it easy to interact with your audience. With live voting and polls, your participants can actively take part in the action and give feedback and exchange opinions in real time.

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Participants and exhibitor profiles

Offer your guests the possibility to customize their profiles and create personal schedules. Participant Profiles make it easy for guests to get to know each other, find other participants with a common interest profile and make direct contact.

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Gamification makes your event more entertaining

Involve guests in the event and package content in entertaining games and activities for which there are small rewards. These could be contacting other participants, finding hidden information or solving a puzzle. Gamification can help you to better achieve your event goals and communicate content in a more sustainable way. Finally, your guests will simply have more fun and remember your event with pleasure.

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Better orientation with interactive maps

Integrate directions and building maps and add information. This makes it easy for your guests to find their way around your event and quickly find the right locations. For a better overview, you can also show additional information on individual points as an overlay.

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