Our rental systems

Simply rent, simply be online

No technical knowledge is required to operate our rental systems. Therefore, they can be booked without personnel and will be handed over to you by courier or pick-up. Of course, we are available to answer your questions by phone and remote support.

Sounds simple – and it is.


For up to 50 users / ultra compact

Simply switch on and start surfing: "Hotspot in a box" is our most compact solution when industrial-grade Internet and WLAN is needed quickly and easily for up to 50 users. Simply switch on and start surfing. WLAN settings can easily be made in the browser itself.

More info on the hotspot-in-a-box
Flight case with LTE modules

Multi-LTE Case

For up to 500 users / ideal for video streaming

Our Multi-LTE Case bundles multiple LTE signals into a single, reliable output signal. You are seamlessly online without interruption – regardless of network fluctuations or outages and use a multiple of the normal LTE bandwidth. Integration of an existing connection is also possible.

More info on the multi-LTE case

Automatic SAT System

For up to 300 users / ideal for video streaming

Our SAT system is a compact outdoor solution with direct satellite connection. It works throughout Europe and completely independent of location. The system aligns itself and can also be installed on a vehicle if required - ideal for roadshows and locations without infrastructure

More info on SAT Internet