WiFi for campsites

Vacation parks and hotels

  • Unrestricted outdoor capability
  • As a free or paid variant
  • Optionally incl. Internet connection
  • Online management in the browser
  • Marketing effect: get positive Google reviews
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Zelt auf Campingplatz mit WLAN

WiFi for campsites and hotels of any size

Our WiFi system can be adapted to the area of your mobile home or campsite via the number of WiFi transmitters. Subsequent extensions are also possible at any time.

We establish the connection between the transmitters, depending on the possibility, via a cable or wirelessly via a directional radio connection. Only a power connection must be available at the respective installation points.

WLAN Zugangsode

Free of charge or as a paid variant

You decide how to offer Wi-Fi access to your guests. Either as a free service or for a fee. If you want to charge a fee, they can use our voucher system to print out a thermal voucher with the voucher code at the touch of a button. Individual solutions, e.g. access via PayPal, are also possible.

  • Access free of charge or with fee
  • Login with Facebook, Instagram, e-mail or anonymously
  • Generate access codes conveniently at the touch of a button
Sicheres Internet

Legal protection

Eventnet guarantees coverage for the operator of the guest WiFi in case of warnings due to misuse of the access or illegal activities of guests.
Each guest must register via a login page and our WLAN complies with the requirements of the Telemedia Act. In case of a request from a law firm or law enforcement agencies, Eventnet takes over the communication and releases the corresponding log data.

Hotspot Login-Seite

Login page for guests

The login page, which is automatically displayed to every user after connecting, can be customized with images, texts and color scheme. For example, you can store your own content or advertise offers. You can also optionally record your users’ contact details. With our automatic email campaigns, you can also, after a set time, send reminders without any intervention. For example, send seasonal greetings or coupons to motivate a repeat visit.

  • Individual design
  • Get contact details from guests
  • Optional: automatic mailings to guests

Just test the login yourself:

Zur Login-Seite

More good ratings on Google and other platforms

After registration, your guests will receive an email with a request for a rating.

The best thing about it: We only send positive reviews to public rating tools, such as Google. Instead, you receive negative reviews internally by e-mail so that you can enter into a dialog with the guest for clarification.  This way, you can improve your external image without any additional effort.

Multi-Verbindung per Bonding

Optionally with own internet connection

Campsites or vacation parks do not always have a sufficiently fast Internet connection for a guest WiFi. Streaming and cloud applications in particular are creating an ever-increasing demand for bandwidth among users. To ensure that the data flows fast enough, we also offer an optional Internet connection via LTE bundling of several providers, directional radio or satellite connection. In this way, we enable a fast connection even in poorly connected locations.


Complete on-site installation

To ensure that the WiFi system fits your campsite, we discuss your requirements with you, create a concept and implement the installation on your site ready for use. During operation, we continuously take care of maintenance and necessary security updates. Of course, we can also be reached by phone if you have any questions or problems and can access the system remotely for maintenance purposes.

You can make adjustments such as changing the WiFi name or password and switching individual transmitters on and off yourself via an intuitive interface in the browser.

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